George Levin Speaks (Sort Of); Keechl's Irony

Slow news day, working on a couple things that aren't ripe yet.

One thing: Just got George Levin, Scott Rothstein's largest investor, on the phone. I told him I thought it would be great for everyone if he told me his story.

"I don't have a problem with that," he said. "Let me talk to my lawyers to see what they think."

I began to ask him some questions, and he said he needed to get off the phone. I got one small answer out of him, but it wasn't much. Won't be holding my breath for him to get back to me, though I really do think it would be interesting and beneficial to hear his story.

One other thing: It's true that the constituent who sent Broward Mayor Ken Keechl the email that spurred his

very interesting response sent the email to his commission email address. He replied on his law firm's email. Was he trying to hide it from the public record? And how often does he make that switch? 

It's ironic that he's using his work email, since the first promise he made when he announced he was running in 2006 was that he was going to be a "full-time representative." In other words, he pledged he wasn't going to work at a law firm. It was just another "pledge" broken by the mayor, like the time Keechl said he wouldn't go against the people's wishes and publicly finance a new courthouse. Those are like two of the biggest promises he's ever made and both are broken. Here's what he posted on his website after he first won office, words that prove -- in light of his rampant campaign spending on himself -- the adage that when a politician speaks, believe the opposite:

"You wanted change, and together, we'll begin that journey today. I promised I would work to lower your property taxes, preserve our green space, and put a stop to the rampant overdevelopment that has changed Broward County. And I pledged to you that I would be a full-time County Commissioner -- looking after your interests, not my own."

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