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George Zimmerman's Lawyers Apologize For Saying Treyvon Martin Beat Up A Homeless Man

George Zimmerman's lawyers apologized on Sunday for having said that some video footage they found showed slain-teen Trayvon Martin beating up a homeless man.

During a hearing on Tuesday of last week, attorney Mark O'Mara said that the defense had in their possession some footage of three fights, with one of them being some video of Trayvon and his buddies "beating up a homeless guy."

On Sunday, however, Zimmerman's lawyers issued the 'Woops Our Bad!" and said O'Mara had "mischaracterized" the footage.

Turns out, the footage was of two homeless men in a fight over a bike. So you can see how O'Mara could have gotten confused!

Since the fight was over a bike, it's OBVIOUS that Trayvon was the other homeless guy in the video. Easy mistake, bro.

it's understandable that Zimmerman's defense team might want to confuse a homeless guy beating up another homeless guy over a bike as black teenager beating up a homeless guy due to the fact that they were told by a judge that they eon't be able to mention Martin's marijuana use, past fights, and school suspension during their opening statements.

Zimmerman's attorneys have argued that Martin was the aggressor during their February 2012 confrontation.

Meanwhile, Martin family attorney Ben Crump issued a statement on this whole "mischaracterized" fiasco.

"George Zimmerman's defense team's so called apology yesterday for manipulating and mischaracterizing information about Trayvon Martin would be laughable in any other context, if this case wasn't about the murder of an unarmed teenager," the statement reads.

"Let's not forget the defense team has spent weeks now engaged in a despicable campaign to assassinate the character of a dead teenager in an attempt to influence a potential jury pool. Thankfully, the judge in this case has sided with the laws of evidence in saying that such information is irrelevant to the case, reminding us all that Trayvon is not on trial, but George Zimmerman is for second degree murder."

Zimmerman's trial is set to begin June 10.

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