Gov. Rick Scott Pretends His Vacation To Canada Brought A Company To Boca Raton

For Gov. Rick Scott's charade of the day, he's championing the move of a Canadian company's U.S. headquarters to Boca Raton -- a move that was nearly cemented before the governor even took office.

While the foundation for the deal was set before Scott became governor, it was only days after he assumed office that the Palm Beach County Commission gave preliminary approval of a $210,000 incentive package to move the U.S. headquarters of Garda -- a private security company -- from Pasadena, California, to Boca Raton.

Shortly thereafter, the state and Boca Raton agreed to put up the rest of the incentive money, totaling the company's request.

The governor is now halfway through his five-day "Canada Trade Mission," and all he has done is announce a deal that was made six months ago.

The press release from Scott's office happens to ignore the fact that a deal existed before Scott went to his trip:

"This announcement speaks volumes about the strides we are taking to create the best business environment in the U.S.," the governor says. "Many companies here in Canada have expressed their desire to do business with Florida because of our excellent business climate and commitment to cut taxes and grow jobs - proof that we are capturing the attention of the business community worldwide."

Meanwhile, the governor is getting closer to his seven-year goal of creating 700,000 jobs in Florida -- Garda is bringing in 100 jobs to the state at an average salary of $65,000, which it expects to have filled by 2013.

One could suggest he's still in the negatives for job creation, since his budget signing nixed 4,500 jobs from state government.

Have fun on vacation governor; send us a postcard.

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Matthew Hendley
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