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Hallandale Vice Mayor Speaks About Firing His "Friend," the City Manager

Hallandale Beach Vice Mayor Bill Julian says that he considers Mike Good a "friend" but that the city manager's absenteeism made it necessary for the commission to find another person for the job.

At the meeting yesterday, Julian pointed to documents that showed that in 2010, Good only made it to work roughly half the time.

"It's been a year or so that he hasn't really been around," says Julian, of Good. "When he was here, he did great work. It's the only thing I ever had against him -- that he wasn't here."

If Woody Allen is right that 80 percent of success is showing up -- and if Good showed up 50 percent of the time, then he'd be... (20 + 40 = 60)... approximately a 60 percent success. Hallandale Beach hopes it can do better.

More from Julian after the jump.

Over the past year, Julian has shown forbearance toward Good in hopes that personal matters would be taken care of so that the city manager could focus more on his work. "I've waited a long time to go after him, because I know he's had family problems," says Julian. "Every man is entitled to that."

"We're friends," says Julian, speaking about his relationship with Good, who also enjoyed the good graces of Mayor Joy Cooper and two other commissioners. "We tried to help him. And he just left us without any choice."

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