Holy Water Splash Leads to Religious Clash in Pompano School

Two teachers at Blanche Ely High School in Pompano Beach are in danger of losing their jobs after a March incident in which they allegedly doused an atheist teacher with holy water, the South Florida Times reports.

Along with teacher Djuna Robinson, (fellow teacher Leslie) Rainer is accused of sprinkling holy water on fellow teacher Schandra Rodriguez, an avowed atheist who was expressing her lack of belief in God with students. 

After Rodriguez filed a complaint with school district officials, Leslie Rainer and Robinson were escorted out of the classroom on April 22 in front of students, and were ordered not to return to school grounds until further notice.

Rainier is the wife of the Rev. Willie J. Rainier, pastor of Hopewell Baptist Church in Pompano. The Rainiers will be joined by pastors from a dozen local congregations at a public meeting scheduled for 5 today at the Rev. O'Neal Dozier's Worldwide Christian Center on Powerline Road, according to the report.

With the Broward County School District investigating, it may be hard to get more details on the incident, which occurred March 11.

For Rodriguez, the question is whether she was advocating atheism to her students. In a public school setting, that would seem to be improper.

On the other hand, not so improper that it would warrant two other teachers at that public school to spray her with holy water.

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