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HUD: No Audit Needed of Deerfield's Housing Authority -- Two Other Investigations Ongoing

Deerfield Beach Housing Authority Executive Director Pamela Davis literally said she was "happy to report" that the Housing and Urban Development Inspector General won't need to audit the authority.

According to the report, there's no audit needed because, among other reasons, "HUD OIG Office of Investigations and the Broward State Attorney's Office are in the process of conducting investigations related to some of the issues in this complaint."

Hey, at least there's no audit.

The results of the review from HUD explained there were three other reasons they didn't need to audit the authority -- there were "misunderstandings" between the city and the authority, previous reviews of the authority's programs turned out OK, and the authority didn't get a chance to respond to the damning Kessler report.

The documents from the OIG state that the authority provided "additional documentation responding to other allegations in the Kessler report."

Then there's the whole thing about two investigations into the authority.

This all stems from a letter from Rep. Allen West to the HUD OIG asking for a "full investigation" into the housing authority.

"It has come to my attention by several sources that there may be criminal issues involved in the conduct of the Deerfield Beach Housing Authority," West wrote. "These issues may involve nepotism, bid rigging, and procurement violations."

Those things are apparently being looked into.

We'd also like to point out that DBHA Commissioner Caryl Berner sent us a pissy email last month asking for a "follow through with an article on the favorable report from the OIG," so here's that for you.

Good news, though -- there won't be an audit.

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