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As I've said before, I don't like Charlie Crist's compact with the Seminoles. It gives an unfair advantage to the tribe, which has historically thumbed its nose at the state while making a fortune on a gambling monopoly. Giving the Seminoles sole control over the blackjack and baccarat market isn't just unfair, it's terrible business. While Sen. Geller's refrain that it will put the pari-mutuels out of business may be a overstated, it will definitely hurt the non-Seminole casinos in Broward that actually pay huge taxes and are heavily regulated by the state.

But the Herald's Mary Ellen Klas tells us that Crist is about to sign the damn thing anyway. Strong article, but check out the poll question that accompanies it:

WEB VOTE Is the deal to let the Seminole Tribe operate Las Vegas style slots and games a good thing?

Yes. If people want to gamble, let them. The state can use the revenue.

No. Legalized gambling is officially out of control in Florida. It amounts to sucking money from those without self-discipline.

Talk about misframing an issue. This isn't about the general freedom to gamble or "sucking money from those without self-discipline"(?). Now people are going to be running around saying a Miami Herald poll found that 88 percent of the people support the compact. That's not just stupid on the Herald's part, it's irresponsible.

And while I'm plucking news stories, I have to post this story in the Sun-Sentinel by Paula McMahon. Made me actually feel sorry for Ken Jenne, or at least his wife. What a horrible fall for a guy who, as John DeGroot can tell you, actually did have some promise once upon a time.

And, finally (and belatedly), here's a Sentinel story from Scott Wyman about how Broward Mayor Josephus Eggelletion won't have to pay child support for a son he fathered (from a student of his at Dillard High School) 20 years ago. Say what you will about Eggelletion, but he knows how to slither. Man gets away with everything. I think it's only a matter of time, though. Justice may be blind, but it's not deaf, too.

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