Is Diaz Compromised, Too?

Is it a conflict of interest for Miami Herald publisher Jesus Diaz Jr. to serve on the advisory board for the federal government's Cuba Transition Project? I think it's a decent question and Henry Gomez, the Babalu contributor who just started the new blog Herald Watch, asked it of the publisher in an e-mail Q & A:

"GOMEZ: The reason I'm writing is that I've been following the story of the Marti Moonlighters that were fired by the Herald because of their simultaneous employment with the Office of Cuba Broadcasting and I was curious why it is not a conflict of interest for you to sit on the advisory board of the Cuba Transition Project that is funded by a grant from the Federal Government?

DIAZ: See the answers below. In addition, I am neither a reporter nor an editor, nor do I

work in the newsroom."

Bad answer, Jesus. You may not work in the newsroom, but you sort of, um, control it. And you recently took full responsibility for the firing of the three El Nuevo Herald reporters named in the Marti Ten. Let's continue:

"GOMEZ: What exactly do you do in your role on the advisory board?

Diaz: To date, I have not participated in any meeting related to the Cuba Transition Project. The extent of my involvement has been receiving copies of their reports.

GOMEZ: Are you compensated for time spent on the Cuba Transition Project?

DIAZ: Not one penny."

Okay, at least there's no money involved. That would have really buried Mr. Diaz. Check out Herald Watch to read the rest of it.

(And just for kicks, go to Google photos and punch in, without quote marks: jesus diaz jr. herald. Click here to see the only result).

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