Jeb Bush (cape not pictured)
Jeb Bush (cape not pictured)
flickr user: Linnette Alissa

Jeb Bush Will "Save America" with Sean Hannity

And you wondered why former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush didn't want to run for U.S. Senate in 2010? That campaign would have taken time away from his superhero hobby, which will be on display this time next week.

Bush is scheduled to appear on "special" edition Fox News' Hannity -- not to be confused with the show's previous incarnation Hannity and the Scarecrow -- April 9 for an episode modestly entitled, "Six Ideas to Save America."

Does that start with the wholesale destruction of the American public school system? Or did Jeb get his fill in Florida?

Hannity tell us this is Bush's first interview since leaving public office. Is that right? Gosh, I hardly noticed.


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