Jennifer Gottlieb, Mother of Young Kids, Stinks. Her Judge/Ex, Ken, Should Resign.

An FDLE report released Friday and detailed by Local 10 describes the sordid sexual escapades of former Broward School Board member Jennifer Gottlieb, who cuckolded her judge/husband, Ken -- twice -- with bankers. 

Worse, the bankers were doing business with the school board while she was sleeping with them. And she messaged one of them from the dais. 

Stll worse, she did all this with small kids at home to whom she now has to explain the mess, 

Jen was my neighbor for five years when I first edited this paper. She never talked much, but -- along with Ken, then a state representative -- took on the mantle of community leader. We all attended a synagogue there, and the couple played significant roles in services and social events. 

Now Jen resigned from the school board, That is not good enough.

And Ken should resign as judge.  A judge needs to be above the fray. This one isn't and never again will be. If he works in civil trials, people will question his decisions. And shouldn't his wife have been indicted criminally? Might this slant his judgment in criminal trials?

Broward County has been besieged by corruption in the last few years, Jen's colleague, Beverly Gallagher, now in the calaboose, is just one example. 

The county needs to clean house. Those associated with the corruption need to step aside. This whole dirty thing needs to go away so the county can move forward. 

Or at least that is what I think.

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