Jim DeFede Show Off WINZ

Jim DeFede's year-long stint as the morning guy with 940 WINZ is over, sources tell me. It's not clear what happened, but his contract has expired, and rumors are aloft that he's going to another station.

I spoke with DeFede, but he wouldn't talk about what may or may not transpire. He did at least hint at a radio rebirth, however.

"I had a great time at WINZ and I look forward to being on the air again at another station very soon," he said. "You can expect an announcement in the coming days."

Sources say the Clear Channel response to DeFede's leaving the station was rather unceremonious. It removed his name from the 940 WINZ website, pulled down DeFede's website , and knocked him off the program guide in record time, according to sources. I hear from one source that the station, after the relationship was severed, posted Jim's picture at the WINZ guard station, an image I can't help but find hilarious. DeFede is loose! Shoot on sight.

But the bottom line is that the news appears to be good -- at least for local radio in South Florida.

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Bob Norman
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