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John Boehner's Daughter to Marry a Rastafarian

House speaker, anti-weed guy, half-man/half-orange Republican John Boehner is about to become the father-in-law of a Rastafarian. Awwwww yeah, mon.

Boehner's eldest daughter, Lindsey, 35, is set to marry 38-year-old Jamaican-born Rastafarian Dominic Lakhan at a ceremony scheduled for May 10 in Delray.

Eh mista Bey-ner. Why you so arinj?

According to reports, Lakhan -- being a Rastafarian and all -- has a pot possession arrest record.

Back in 2006, Lakhan was pulled over by Pembroke Pines cops who busted him for having an open container of Natural Lite beer and a lit joint. Cops also found two grams of burnt cannabis in the car's ashtray. Cops also found two bags with almost two grams of marijuana in them.

Cops arrested Lakhan and charged him with misdemeanor pot possession.

This is relevant because Boehner has been vocal about his anti-marjuana stand, particularly in the use of weed-for-medical-purposes debate.

Back in 2006, Boehner told CNN, "Whether it is the American Medical Association, the American Cancer Society -- all of those people, by and large, don't believe there is any medicinal value in marijuana."

And now his first-born daughter is about to enter the holiest of bonds with a dude who literally has to smoke it as part of his religious beliefs.

You can click here to check out Lindsey and Dominic's wedding registry!

Be level, mista Bey-nerr. No reeeson ta be ig. Irie.

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