Juiced: A Week in One Gulp

Your weekly dose of Vitamin C:

  • The Lake Worth muni election is getting nasty -- and weird -- as one candidate beats back allegations he's racist and another defends himself against accusations of dolphin-trafficking.
  • South Florida rapper Flo Rida released a video for his brand new single "Touch Me." But don't look for it on MTV... head over to the Boca-based AdultFriendFinder.com, a site designed for folks looking for casual sex.
  • Famed South Florida lawyer Willie Gary is once again in the headlines but not for his own behavior -- this time. Gary's son, Kobie, was busted this week for allegedly taking part in an elaborate pot-growing scheme in the Treasure Coast. I wonder if Willie's taking on any pro bono cases, 'cause his son sure needs a good defense team with all the evidence stacked up against him.
    • This week, our Gail Shepherd outlined the top ten favorite baby names -- among white supremacists. You already know Adolf made the list. Apparently grand wizards aren't getting that creative nowadays. I didn't see "Lynch" on the list.
    • In more KKK news, white supremacists are back with a vengeance. An apparent knife battle between two rival hate groups broke out during a speech at the Ritz-Carlton in Manalapan by David Irving, a Holocaust-denier (who denies that he denies it).
    • On a lighter note, The Juice's Tom Francis is exposing South Florida's most influential mustaches. Check out the Stache Saga here.

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