Juiced: Week in One Gulp

It was one of the most turbulent weeks in the recent history of Broward Health -- and Juice was the only media outlet that noticed. On Wednesday, two hospital commissioners under fire for ethical misconduct skipped the meeting in an apparent plot to save the health-care system's embattled CEO. The following day, Gov. Charlie Crist removed two commissioners who favored ethical reform, including Dan Gordon, who described his shock to Juice on Friday.

But for all its political demons, the hospital district is home to true saints, like Dr. Georges Boutin, who told of a grueling week saving lives in what's left of the Haitian capital.

In a controversy that first started last week, on this blog, Ursula O'Donnell, a greyhound trainer previously charged for a role in killing of thousands of greyhounds, responded to outrage over her having a Florida license to train dogs. This past week, a national greyhound protection group demanded that the state launch an investigation.

Heath Miller was only briefly above the law. The former band teacher in Palm Beach Gardens shot and killed a home intruder last year, for which he was not criminally charged. But based on statements from his interview with a school district detective, he tried to milk that incident for one more get outta jail card. He's accused of molesting a student. 

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