Ken Jenne Back At Work At Rothstein's Firm

This just in: Fort Lauderdale attorney Scott Rothstein confirmed today that disgraced former Broward sheriff Ken Jenne has accepted a job at his law firm and is working in its political consulting group.

Rothstein, the managing shareholder and CEO of the firm Rothstein, Rosenfeldt Adler P.A., said Jenne started working last week and was present at the firm's downtown Fort Lauderdale office in the Bank of America building as we spoke. He predicted that within a few years Jenne would earn the label "The Comeback Kid."

"What do people think, he should be banished forever?" Rothstein asked me rhetorically. "He did ten months in federal prison, hard time. I'm not saying it was unfair. I think it was a fair sentence. But I think he had a lot of self-introspection under those circumstances and I think what we have is an even superior verison of Ken Jenne with a renewed understand of what it means to serve and to do the right thing.

Any gray that existed in his head between right and wrong is gone – and he knows the political landscape."

Jenne is forbidden to practice law for five years, but can serve as a lobbyist/political consultant. He's also serving one year of probation.


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