Kim and Kanye Pastor Rich Wilkerson Debuting Reality-TV Show

Last summer, New Times spent some time hanging with Rich Wilkerson Jr., the South Florida pastor then sitting in the eye of swirling media attention thanks to his role in the wedding of the century. The fresh-faced Miami-based man of God presided over the May 2014 union of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, catapulting Wilkerson into the media bloodstream. He hasn't left the upper realm of celebrity culture since, and in a few months, Wilkerson will be the subject of a reality-TV show. 

The show — Rich in Faith — kicks off December 2 at 10 p.m. ET on Oxygen, according to People magazine. The clip basically hits all the talking points about Wilkerson: It shows a hip dude with a fetching wife buzzing around Miami in drop-top cars — and yet he's... a pastor? 

That's the central tension that Wilkerson leans directly into, both with his ministering and apparently with his show: Does the word of God have a place in mainstream American culture? Particularly, in the very celebrity-soaked upper reaches where Wilkerson hangs. It's a pretty subtle debate if you're sitting on the sidelines and don't pay much attention to the tug of war raging in the religious world. But as our story examined, Wilkerson's brand of Christianity definitely has attached detractors and critics within the church's ranks. 

That said, as fascinating as that debate might be, you have to wonder if it'll make for good reality TV without the usual wine-throwing or debauchery. The show follows Wilkerson and his family as they prep the opening of a youth-oriented church in Miami's Wynwood area called the Vous. This fellowship is an outgrowth of the regular weekly services Wilkerson and his team have been conducting in Miami for a number of years. 

Wilkerson's show doesn't lack star power: E! personalities Giuliana Rancic and Jason Kennedy are serving as executive producers. And although Kim and Kanye aren't featured on the trailer clip, we'd be surprised if they didn't show up somehow in the show's run. 

The show's end-of-the-year debut coincides with the release of Wilkerson's first book, Sandcastle Kings, on November 10. The tome features a cover designed by West. 

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Kyle Swenson
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