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Kingsley Guy: Environmentalists Lie

In his column yesterday, Sun-Sentinel editorial columnist Kingsley Guy asked the question we're all wrestling with right now: Haven't we had about enough of all this wild "democracy" stuff?

The controversial decision to build a new billion-dollar runway -- and set Broward County on a course to become a metropolis -- was a "no-brainer," he wrote. In Guy's particular case, a more apt phrase would be hard to imagine. But after having to listen to all the "self-appointed activists" -- a.k.a. citizens who give a damn about their government -- and "self-absorbed environmentalists" fighting the airport expansion, he says we need to be more like autocratic China, which doesn't suffer such fools so politely. (You know, they throw them in prison).

This is classic Guy, who while serving for decades as the Sentinel's editorial editor always marched lockstep with the chamber of commerce crowd. But this time he raised the ire of one of those environmentalists, Sara Case. She sent him this e-mail:

From: "Sara Case" Date: 2007/06/13 Wed AM 07:49:29 EDT To: Subject: Your Commentary of 6/13/07 Dear Mr. Guy,

You are certainly entitled to your opinion on airport expansion or anything else. What I found objectionable in today's commentary is your reference to expansion opponents as "self absorbed environmentalists."

In my opinion, it is not professional to denigrate opponents with adjectives like "self absorbed." I would like to know what distinguishes you and the many airport supporters from falling in this "self absorbed" category you have created. Is concern for Broward's environment different from concern for the economy, with all self absorption located in the former?

Your use of this term is not only an insult to environmentalists. It also reflects poorly on you. I hope that in the future you can express your opinions without denigrating those who hold contrary ones.

Guy then fired off this response:

------ Original Message ----- From: To: "Sara Case" Sent: Thursday, June 14, 2007 12:18 AM Subject: Re: Your Commentary of 6/13/07

Dear Ms. Case . . . Thank you for your comments. My description comes from experience. Having met literally thousands of "environmentalists" over the years, I have found most to be self-absorbed and most to be ill-informed. What has frustrated me is that so many of them refuse to even consider points of view other than their own. During my nearly 40 years in journalism, I have also found environmentalists to be the most likely to bend the truth or even lie to suit their own ends. I've dealt with some of the people in opposition to the south runway. I stand by my comment that they are self -absorbed.

Sincerely, Kingsley Guy

You're right Guy, yet another no-brainer. The populace should be grateful they have such an open-minded, honest, and upstanding man as you to tell them what to think. And they should thank God that all those incumbent Broward County politicians you endorsed year after year after year were just like you.

(Here's a link to Guy's column)

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