Lake Worth Commish Hopeful Scott Maxwell Tied to White Supremicists?

The Lake Worth elections slated for November 3rd just get weirder by the minute. As if the flap about Mayoral candidate Rene Varela's role in the sales of wild dolphins to a marine park in Dubai weren't scandal enough, now the Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition is claiming that one of the candidates running for City Commission may have ties to West Palm white supremicist group Stormfront.

Maxwell is one of the leading rabble rousers on illegal immigration: He sees the issue as a major problem facing Lake Worth. He's joined by a vocal coterie of local frothers including blogger Lynn Anderson. Until recently, Maxwell broadcast a radio program devoted to the subject, "Connecting the Dots on Illegal Immigration," which ran Thursdays at 8 pm on WBZT 1230 Clear Channel.

The program has been shelved, at least temporarily, along with Maxwell's web site, bordercontrolnow.com, in the weeks before the election. His Twitter site, NoToAmnesty, is still up -- although Maxwell's last tweet was in August ("

According to the Environmental Coalition, Maxwell's guests on Connecting the Dots have included Steven Camorata, Director of Research for the Center for Immigration Studies. Camorata is one of the prime talking heads on the subject of illegal immigration, and he's been quoted on Stormfront forums  -- which is apparently enough for the Coalition to connect its own dots. As far as we can tell, Maxwell has not been seen palling around with Stormfront leader Don Black, but who knows? Maybe they only meet under cover of darkness.

Coalition supporters will hold a press conference this afternoon at 5 p.m. to discuss the question of Maxwell's "ties to hate groups."

Where: The Cultural Plaza (between M Street and Federal Highway and Lake and Lucerne), Downtown Lake Worth
When: Today, Thursday October 29 at 5 p.m.

We'll be there, and we'll report back.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.