Letter for April 24-30, 2008

SoFla Clothing, Natch

I love Kyra Jachode's stuff ("Dressing for a Warm Climate," Tailpipe, April 17)! This is what I've been looking for all over South Florida. Finally, someone who designs fun, beautiful, eco-friendly garments!

Can't wait to start shopping at her online store!

Gabriela Hernandez


Toujours the Redhead!

Nice review of America's Backyard (Bryan Falla, Pub Stalker, April 17). I particularly enjoyed "the pool is swimming with bartenders" and "tiled fortress of smiles and cocktails." And you are right: Oh, the redhead!

Garry P. Smyth

Fort Lauderdale

Your Idea Stinks, Here's Some Money

I would like to thank Tom Francis for eloquently detailing Hollywood's affirmative vote to overdevelop the southeast corner of Young Circle ("Hollywood's Got the Bends," April 17). The plan was spearheaded by the CRA director, despite express objection from the city planning director and the city manager. In addition to the two top city officials, every member of the commission expressed disapproval with various aspects of the proposed 25-story project.

The commission was also concerned that $8 million — of the total $25 million incentive — was given to the developer to "contribute [land] upon which a new charter school facility may be constructed..." The development agreement does not name who gets the land and both the city and the developer still don't know the recipient's identity. There is no existing agreement requiring anyone to construct a charter school.

Why would four of the seven commissioners vote to re-zone the property and approve the plan without resolving their own objections and those raised by their staff?

Joe Schneider


What's in a Word?

While the story about the land fiasco in Hallandale Beach, engineered by lobbyist/attorney Steve Geller and his henchman at city hall, Mike Good, read "Wait, Let Me Change Hats," it should have read "Geller and city manager screw Hallandale taxpayers" (Bob Norman, April 10). Geller's ego reminds me of George Bush when he signs those signing statements that say the laws passed  by Congress don't apply to him or his administration. What nerve to cross out the word "lobbyist" on those lobbying forms and write in "attorney" in its place. Geller clearly lobbied Good and the commissioners on this deal. Why else would they be so stupid as to pay more for land than the original price in a declining real estate market?

I am the executor of property in Hallandale Beach that has declined in value. I wonder if Mike Good and Mayor Cooper and the rest of Geller's cronies will buy it for more than it was purchased for? Are you sure Mayor Mara of Hollywood hasn't come out of retirement and taken over the reins in Hallandale Beach? It's déjà vu all over again.

Harvey Slavin


Afflicting the Afflicted

The city of Hallandale has really blundered this time ("Trailer Trashed," Bob Norman, March 27). They managed to evict and condemn 85 people who were old and on disability, their minds and their wallets stretched to the limit already. And for what? They came in, stole our homes, forced us to abandon our belongings — and in some cases our pets — with an iron fist. I have to say the Urban Group is good at their jobs: they sure put a scare in me! I'm on disability with no family and nowhere to go. Well, I found the first and cheapest apartment. At this rate, I'll be homeless by Christmas. I have exhausted all of my savings and even had to borrow just to get by. I've lost my home and sanity, not to mention my self-respect, to the people who have taken every shred of confidence and self-esteem I had. I and 84 other people have been bamboozled out of home and property so some folks somewhere can feel real good about themselves in their cozy little homes in their cozy little world! Well, if they think we're just going to fade away, they're wrong, because one day they too will pick up the paper and read their future, planned out in black-and-white for them. Lawsuits are being put together as I write.

We will not be forgotten. Anyone within earshot of this letter please feel free to get involved. The people of the park are in dire need of affordable housing. Congratulations to Bob Norman on such a truthful and meaningful article.

Danny Kelley


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