Flagrant Manipulation: the New Times Crime And it's a felony: Can the editor explain which parts of Jeremy Rose's deliberate act of buying and transporting cocaine and his brother's participation in a gang that deliberately sabotaged a public school are mistakes? That's how writer Roger Williams described them ("One Strike and You're Out… on the Street," June 15). Apparently the only mistake was getting caught. But, wait! A deliberate felonious act cannot be a mistake. What might be a mistake, though, is the deliberate attempt by a newspaper reporter and editor to manipulate its readers. Don't you think that law-abiding family members being sentenced for the crimes of others -- by a stupid bureaucracy, mind you -- is story enough to move readers?

In my opinion you've planted in the readership's mind a cloud of suspicion not only in the story but in the veracity of any story to appear in New Times. Ironic that it is, that would be a terrible shame. A mistake.

Robert Cherin

Editors Note: Let's let the readers decide. The American Heritage Dictionary defines mistake as: an error or a fault resulting from defective judgment, deficient knowledge, or carelessness.

Meet Richard, Jen's New Lamaze Coach Dear Jen: I've been meaning to write for a while to tell you how much I enjoy (and envy) your work. The recent attacks from the Estrella Del Mar crowd, however, have troubled me to the extent that I don't want to put it off any longer ("¿Como Se Dice Angry and Rambling?" Letters, June 1). Screw 'em! You do a great job, and if they can't stand the heat… ('Nuff said!)I hope your pregnancy is going well. I'm the father of three kids. I'm a little out of practice (my youngest just turned 11), but if you need any Lamaze assistance, I'm sure my wife will lend me out.

By the way, I live in Boca but work near the Omni. Sure wish there was a decent (or otherwise) all-you-can-eat Chinese joint around here like King's in North Miami Beach, or that place that just opened in Deerfield Beach, or Dim Sum Village in Coral Springs. Any suggestions?

Richard Pachter
via the Internet

Whitby's First Dear Bob Letter When Dads get thankful: Dear Bob: We would like to thank you for our interview and the article you wrote about our group, Dads Against Discrimination of Florida ("When Dads Get Mad," Bob Whitby, May 25).

DADS of Florida
Fort Lauderdale

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