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Letters for April 5-12, 2007

Reality Bites

One man's satire, another man's reality: Although Scott Foundas correctly gave the film Shooter ("Forget Gun Control," March 29) a good review, he's misguided in calling it a "surprisingly deft satire about Americans' loss of faith in their government." The film was no satire, Scott.

Substitute Joe Wilson and his outed, covert CIA agent/wife, Valerie Plame, for the Mark Wahlberg character and there's nothing satirical about the movie at all! In fact, if the attorney general in the film were as big a scumbag as our real-life A.G., Alberto "Mr. Torture" Gonzales, I'm sure Bob Lee Swagger (Wahlberg's character) would have been rendered to Gitmo and murdered!

Of course, the Bushies would have called it suicide (and the movie would have ended prematurely). What's satirical about that?

Harvey Slavin


Can't Touch This

The P.R. guys decline the honor: Why so critical re Gab [Boca Raton P.R. firm the Gab Group]? We did not devise the menu items, let alone the menu language for Emunah — those were owner Marla Reis' own creative terms and concepts ("Faith Eating," Gail Shepherd, March 29).

Although I'm happy you enjoyed your meal, as their food really is fantastic, the emphasis that Emunah's concept had "the Gab's fingerprints all over it" is simply untrue — misleading to your readers.

Also, the side of table talk wasn't available when you were there because Emunah was still working out pricing for the service. It will be on the new menu going forward.

Michelle Soudry

Director of Public Relations

The Gab Group

Boca Raton

Chalk's Postscript

Pappy crashed too: It's so sad we've lost the South Florida institution of Chalk's seaplanes ("Death Is My Co-pilot," Tamara Lush, March 22). By the way, you forgot to mention Pappy Chalk's death at 80 years of age when he fell out of a tree he was pruning in his backyard. I can't believe Hollywood failed to make it more about Pappy!

Keith Smith


Obama Fever

Consider the source: These are a bunch of lies ("Shades of Truth," Bob Norman, March 15). Barack Obama can turn our country for the better. These lies are Clinton doing her best to bring this man down. I am a woman and a Democrat, and I would not vote for her. She has a lot of baggage, and this guy who is spreading lies about Barack is a jealous man, as are Al Sharpton and the rest of them. He should shut up and let Barack do his thing. If he is nominated for president, then you'll see them all coming out of the woodwork to have a place in Barack's camp. Just shut up. Go Barack. Love ya, man, and keep doing what you are doing, and don't pay any attention to these jealous people.

Phyllis Crookes

Via the Internet

Check out this forest's actual trees: Isn't it obvious that an interracial marriage and a lineage to an African grandfather (who knew what prejudice was) is a legitimate way to connect Obama's history to the civil rights movement? It is not a trick; it is a direct response to the inquiries of black Americans about his understanding of their lives.

Also, if this other writer has been proven to be so irresponsible, why keep quoting his false words?

Mark Flanders

Via the Internet

Don't you guys know anything about poetry? I think when Obama said "You marched and I was born," he was just being metaphorical. I am sure he applied it to a political birth as opposed to a biological one. I think the authors are taking his words too literally.

Name withheld by request

Via the Internet

Obama is on probation: Well, I'm glad I'm not up at an hour during which most people sleep. I too read Obama's books and am a bit troubled by reading the somewhat untruth. It sort of leaves behind a bitter taste: the Clinton truth taste. I also think that all the ones who think Obama's not "black enough" are behind this negative stuff. I also think that a lot of hateful Republicans are behind the attack on Obama.

However, I can only agree with the author of the article and say this: Since Obama made himself look like a saint, he better start acting like one. So far, he has my vote, because Hillary Clinton is the worst we could elect, but one more of those kinds of lies — and I don't care if it is "coloring his words" — and he will lose this one.

America deserves the truth after all the lies we have been told. Not only does it reflect badly on the United States as a whole but it will also make us believe that Obama's ideological speeches and writings are all lies. However, it would never make me want to vote for a Republican, ever. We need change in this country and have it come back to where wages are decent, where health care is a given, and where corporate welfare will be extinguished — the sooner the better.

Adele Lightner

Via the Internet

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