Letters for October 18-24, 2007

Gender Continuum A DIY prep for the transsexual life? I'm a post-operative female-to-male transsexual, and I've almost always known myself to be alternatively gendered, even when I attended Calvary Chapel as a child (Ashley Harrell, "Tranny Regret," October 11). I had a pretty tumultuous and rocky life due to the...
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Gender Continuum

A DIY prep for the transsexual life? I'm a post-operative female-to-male transsexual, and I've almost always known myself to be alternatively gendered, even when I attended Calvary Chapel as a child (Ashley Harrell, "Tranny Regret," October 11). I had a pretty tumultuous and rocky life due to the many issues it caused, and it wasn't until I started my medical transition that things became more "blissful." But I didn't do it on my own; there were trained and experienced doctors who helped me along the way.

I feel horrible that Michael [Berke] has had to go through all of this pain and torment in his life. If he had gotten the proper medical treatment he needed in the first place, I don't think he would be in this situation. It's sad, mostly, and I would never disenfranchise him from the transgender community. But it's issues like this that shed a negative light upon the already taboo life experience. I wish Michael all the best, and I really hope that he finds comfort in himself one day.

Name withheld by request

Boca Raton

Exploring your role in life is no sin: Does it matter whether Michael is a cross dresser or a true transsexual? Remember that gender identity is fluid and subject to a continuum. Some people, like Michael, are gender-variant and identify as both; some have a stronger identification for one gender. It is all hormonally based and programmed in the eighth week of gestation. Does it matter?

The story here is that a religious group overstepped its boundaries and pushed its belief system on a troubled and confused soul. Sometimes all a person needs is a shoulder to cry on. Unless you are a licensed therapist, your suggestions are not needed. If we all learn to be accepting of our fellow human beings and allow them to be who they are and allow nature to take its course, the world would be a better place. Nature has much variety, and variety is part of life.

Michael, you just go on and try to find the person whom you are; there are no rules or regulations. Find your happiness and peace. This is the problem with our society and those who run it, that they just won't let people be. We all have a need to explore our roles in life. Why should that be a sin?

Mark Angelo Cummings


You talkin' to me, hetero guy? While for the most part I found your article non-sensationalizing and rather straightforward reporting, I must take exception to the headline "Tranny Regret" and frequent use of this term in the article. Most in the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered community find this to be defamatory terminology that should never be used.

Bill Vayens, Florida GLBT Democratic Caucus

Via the Internet

The Kiss-Ass Gambit

Schwinging for the fences: Ron Clasky proved once again that he's just one more Hollywood "suck-around" when he said in his ass-kiss letter that he felt that the Hollywood Commission picked the right company (Schwing Bioset) to handle the sludge ("What Politicians Do," Letters, October 11). The city's own experts said it wasn't the best choice, especially since it cost about $6 million to $8 million more than other companies' products! While Clasky is an expert on waste and crap, dealing with it all the time at City Hall and in the commissioners' chambers, who is he to know better than Hollywood's own experts? If what Clasky wrote is true about Wasserstrom's open declarations of conflict of interest, why did the jury find him (Wasserstrom) guilty on so many charges?

Harvey Slavin


Oh, to be a lobbyist: Just when you think Bob Norman can't outdo himself, he does ("Terrible Trio," October 4). "Civic bloodsuckers" indeed! They stop at nothing. They do what it takes to stomp on anyone who dares to call them to account, or to, OMG, run against them.

Good for Patti Lynn! We need more like her. We need more prosecutions. We need to know that someone with power and authority is doing everything to stop the rampant corruption in this county. The corruption, arrogance, and viciousness are almost palpable when you walk into the city and county chambers. The lobbyists sit smirking, swimming in their own fat. Those elected officials who are corrupt smile benignly. Lobbyists try to intimidate honest public servants and too many times are successful. Enough is enough!

Charlotte Greenbarg


Poor Little Chub Chaser

Love a person for himself, shallow boy: I'm sorry, but is Mr. Lopez looking for us to feel sorry for him (Amy Guthrie, "Fat Chance," September 27)? I'm not meaning to sound mean or nasty, but didn't Lopez dump his partner because he had the gastric bypass to lose weight to save his life? If Lopez actually loved his ex for the person that he is and not for his fat, then they would still be together.

I'm a 43-year-old male who once was a chub weighing in at 360 with a 60-inch waist. Now I'm 170 with a 32-inch waist. Yes, I had the bypass two years ago. I once was a very popular person in the chub and chaser community. Now, I have been called a traitor for losing the weight that saved my life. People whom I knew from the chub and chaser community won't even talk to me. If you love someone, you love all of them, inside and out. Yes, it would be nice to have that one special man who will love me for me and not for the way I look. I'm tired of dealing with superficial men. Are there any gay men out there who will love someone for the person he is? I'm not body-perfect, nor am I a chub anymore. I'm just a person.

Marc Mazzouccolo

Wilton Manors

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