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Letters to the Editor

Left-wing loony New Times: I think your paper has lots of what appears to be great information. What I do not like is that it fits the stereotype of artsy-type people who know only of left-leaning causes. In the Best of BrowardPalm Beach (May 17), you have a Best Right-Wing Loony (WPBR-AM [1340] radio host Dan Gregory) and Best Neighborhood Activist (Carl Flick of West Palm Beach). It's interesting that the man right of center is loony, and the liberal isn't.

I don't know when you are going to wake up and take notice that the United States, whether you like it or not, is conservative but most of you media folk and intellegentsia are to the left. Unfortunately for you, you are in the minority. Personally I feel inspired that we live in a country of diverse views, but what I do not like about your publication is that you figure all your readers are liberal and that liberal equals tolerant and progressive. That could not be further from the truth.

I am not aware of the right-wing loony, but if he were the best, he would have a large following. Plenty of us are inspired by the positive direction of the Bush administration here and in Washington. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a committed politician, but not all of your readers think her left-wing ideology is so wonderful. I hope you also know that to be an open-minded feminist, you don't have to be a liberal, too.

Let me know when your paper decides to become more balanced ideologically.

Rick Stark

Best screwup: While I was thrilled to see my brother, Rich Simone, receive much-deserved recognition for Best Stage Design, I was appalled at the outrageous mistakes that were printed. He does merit countless kudos for his body of work, but please credit him with the right work, not that of someone else. I hope a public apology is planned.

Perhaps I just seem like an outraged sister, but I also know how embarrassing this incident has been for Rich. Please make it right.

Michele (Simone) Johnson
Lebanon, Indiana

Editor's note: When we named Rich Simone for Best Set Design, we mistakenly attributed to him the designs for GableStage's The Real Thing and Miracle Theatre's Things We Do for Love. Those noteworthy sets were designed by Jeff Quinn and Gene Seyffer respectively. We apologize for the mix-up. Simone is still New Times' pick for Best Set Design, having created innovative sets for, among others, GableStage's Tape, Popcorn, and Adam Baum and the Jew Movie; New Theatre's The Legacy; and City Theatre's Winter Shorts and Summer Shorts series.

Harvey really, really doesn't like this woman: When I read Wyatt Olson's cover story about the long-time guardian ad litem who was fired by Jeanette Wagner for being so outspoken and not "following procedures" ("Guardian Gone," April 26), Wagner's name set off a very bad bell in my memory. Jeanette Wagner screwed me over too!

You see, Wagner is the same cretin who blew me off when I complained that the guardian ad litem assigned to our "case" was interested only in family reunification -- and not the best interests of the child involved, which was supposed to be her mission. The guardian ad litem herself told me that was her goal!

Still, it was surprising that when I called her many times to tell her the child's birth parents were still involved in illegal drugs and stolen electrical goods, she refused to check out my concerns. I guess I called too often, because she called her boss, Jeanette Wagner, who in turn called me to say "stop bothering" the guardian ad litem. What dedicated workers, huh?

When I was falsely accused of molesting the child involved (and, of course, later proved not guilty) Wagner told me she wasn't surprised at all that I was accused -- that happened to a number of people like me "who opened a mouth and stirred things up," she said. The implication was, of course, that I shouldn't have rocked the boat, even if my goal were to protect the innocent child from his drug-infested, deadbeat, unmarried parents!

Regarding the "suck-up" letter by Sherry Savage (May 24): It was so full of compliments toward the guardian ad litem program and especially Wagner that it was puke-inducing! There was nothing in the letter addressing Wyatt Olson's story, which showed Wagner to be the bitch I know. Wagner showed me no appreciation, perhaps because I wasn't one of her wannabes like Savage appears to be. It is insidious to me that a person like Wagner is still employed by DCF [Florida Department of Children and Families] and is paid with our tax dollars! Personally I hope she rots in hell. The sooner the better.

Harvey Slavin

Something... no, a lot... about Harry: Regarding Bob Norman's story on Harry Murphy ("Murphy's Laws," March 8), I have been an owner at Oakland Forest Club for 12 years and lived there myself until 1995. It's about time you got hold of this story. I have had three tenants in the past five years, and all have been hassled by Harry. He is a true nut case in every sense of the word. He had my tenant's car towed about three years ago after a sticker fell off the rear-view mirror. I asked Harry not to tow, but the bastard did it anyway. When I went to help my tenant get his car back, the towing company told me Harry had been there the day before and had been arguing with them about something. By the way, what does he do for money?

Mark Janik
Lake Worth

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