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Lilly Baumann and Megan Everett Discovered in Putnam County

Lilly Baumann, the now-3-year-old Broward baby who was kidnapped by her mother in May 2014, has been discovered by authorities. Robert Baumann, Lilly's father, confirmed to New Times Monday afternoon that the girl was spotted and that his ex, Megan Everett, has been taken into custody. Baumann is now on his way to reunite with Lilly. 

The arrest comes less than 24 hours after CNN aired a segment on the case on John Walsh's The Hunt. According to a report in the Florida Times Union, Megan and Lilly were discovered in Palatka in Putnam County, not far from St. Augustine. The newspaper reports that a landlord spotted the CNN show last night and quickly realized a tenant matched Megan's description. 

Megan is reportedly now in custody, facing charges of kidnapping, interference with custody, and concealing minors contrary to a court order. 

As we reported last summer, Megan Everett ran with her baby due to a Broward judge's decision to award split custody with Baumann. The mother — who had become obsessed with right-wing politics, guns, and the Confederacy — left a note behind claiming to not want the child to be vaccinated. Despite a number of warning signs that Everett was teetering on a dangerous fringe movement, a Broward judge declined to award the father full custody. Even pictures of the baby playing in piles of ammunition at Everett's house were not enough. 

After her disappearance, Everett's family lined up behind Baumann, supporting their daughter's ex while everyone waited — fingers crossed — for the day when the child would be found. Now, it appears the family will finally be reunited. 
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