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Love In An Elevator, Charlie Crist-Style

Ron Gunzburger at Politics1 offers this little piece of governor gossip:

McCAIN VEEPSTAKES. Politics1 Exclusive. How interested is Florida Governor Charlie Crist in being John McCain's VP runningmate? So much so that veteran GOP dirty trickster Roger Stone -- who coordinated a few dirty stunts in support of Crist during the 2006 gubernatorial campaign -- is quietly peddling a so-called "Charlie Crist sex tape." That's what Stone called it during a telephone conversation. And no, it is not a tape of Crist having sex with a guy. In fact, it isn't even X-rated. The video was seemingly staged to kill the rumors that Crist is gay. Stone claims the tape -- which he discussed recently with Politics1, but didn't show to us ("I'm saving it for the national shows") -- "shows Charlie fooling around in a hotel elevator with his girlfriend ... They're making out." Adds Stone: "It was captured on a security camera in the elevator" last month. And Stone just conveniently happens to have a copy of the hotel's elevator surveillance tape, just when Crist's name is in play for the VP spot. Hmm. As for Crist's purported girlfriend -- presuming it is the same one he took as his date to the White House Correspondents Dinner in DC a few weeks ago -- she's still married (and not to Crist). Disclaimer: Always be skeptical of anything from Stone.

Well, this could get good. Speaking of Stone, the Pulp received a teaser from a New Yorker magazine publicist about a Jeffrey Toobin article on the dirty trickster that is just out. Sort of interesting:

Stone takes Toobin to Miami Velvet, the leading “swingers’ club” in Miami, where patrons can have sex with their dates and with new acquaintances, “to explain the role he may have played in the fall of Eliot Spitzer.” Stone tells Toobin that in September, 2007, an off-duty call girl he met there told him, “I almost had a date with Eliot Spitzer,” and said that her colleague (who did meet up with Spitzer) “said he was nice enough, but the only odd thing was that he kept his socks on.” Toobin writes that Stone decided to keep the conversation to himself at first, but “there was never any doubt that he would eventually deploy it,” and he conveyed the story after being approached by the F.B.I. in November—months before revelations about Spitzer’s ties to a prostitution ring led to his resignation. Stone had worked against Spitzer since his election, both as “a labor of love” and as a paid consultant for the New York State Senate Republicans. He tells Toobin, “I thought Spitzer was punk, and I wanted to fuck with him any way I could.”

The story is up on the web now.

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