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Luxury Condos Going Up on the Las Olas Finger Islands

One of the coolest parts of Fort Lauderdale is its man-made finger islands off of Las Olas Boulevard. They offer easy access to downtown, amazing water views of the city's famous canals, and a quick walk to the beach.

For years, savvy renters could find amazing deals here -- cheap digs in some of the older apartment complexes on Hendricks Isle and Isle of Venice.

Not any more.

Tonight, Ocean Land Investments is holding a "topping off" ceremony for AquaVita, the first of five luxury condos it's building on the Isles. Rachel Krantz, says a "topping off" is "basically when they put the roof on." The mayor is confirmed to attend and other city commissioners are expected as well. Hors d'oeuvers and champagne will be served.

Krantz says that 21 of the 22 residences in AquaVita have been sold already, for $1 to 2 million each $995K to $2.9 million. The company is beginning to pre-sell units in its next project, AquaLuna, for "$1.2 to 3.75 million and up," she says.

The rush for expensive waterfront property shows no sign of waning even in the face of global warming. Asked about sea level rise, Krantz said, "We haven't talked abt that. [The builders are] doing everything to make sure the land is maintained well, and the units are pretty energy efficient." Unit owners will be able to flee a Waterworld scenario because each unit comes with a "complimentary" boat slip.

(Food for thought: as city leaders party with the rich, they have criminalized homelessness by passing a law earlier this year that allows police to confiscate the belongings of homeless people. Under consideration are laws that punish people with jail time and fines for "camping" on public property and panhandling on busy roadways.)

For more information about the AquaVita party, email [email protected] or call 954-900-3600.

UPDATE, 1:55 p.m.: Krantz added: -- All sea walls for all properties have been raised to maximum elevation height -- All properties' ground floor elevation are being raised based on the new FEMA requirements. -- All properties are working with sustainable building products and all are energy efficient according to the Green Building Council.

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