Man Arrested for Recording Women in Dressing Rooms at Sawgrass Mills

An employee at Forever 21 clothing and apparels store in the Sawgrass Mills mall was arrested for allegedly recording female customers undressing inside the dressing rooms.

Andre Clements, 30, was arrested after being reported by a female customer of peeping at her and others through the curtains of the store's fitting rooms, according to a Sunrise Police arrest report.

The report said that the customer approached a Forever 21 store manager and told her that she suspected Clements was leering at her while she was undressing and trying on clothes.

When the manager went over to the dressing rooms in question, she noticed that slits had been cut into the curtains that serve as coverings for customers to dress and undress.

According to the arrest report, when confronted by police, Clements denied making the slits in the curtains but did admit to using a couple of cell phones to record female customers inside the fitting rooms.

Police found several images and a recording of young female customers in their underwear changing and trying on clothes, completely unaware they were being recorded.

Clements is now facing video voyeurism and breach-of-peace charges, according to the report.

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