Marco Rubio Is Too Busy Running For President to Show Up at His Day Job

The 2016 Presidential election season is coming to a boil. For the next year and a half, you're only going to see more and more coverage on the blatant, craven, and obnoxious political ass-kissing underway as both Democrats and Republicans gun for the White House. Here's something to think about, though: while these folks are kissing babies and shaking hands, they're more than likely skipping out on their day jobs. When those days jobs involve a congressional position YOU elected them to, basically they're not, well, doing the jobs you are paying them for. 

When you look at a candidate in this light, you couldn't do much worse than Marco Rubio. 

Marco Rubio, an adult who is paid by the citizens of Florida to represent their interests in Washington, D.C., isn't doing that much these days. Since taking office in January 2011, Rubio has only been on the Senate floor for 117 of  the possible1,347 roll call votes, according to Govtrack.us. That means Rubio has missed 8.7 percent of the votes. 

Govtrack.us says that Rubio's stats are well above the "1.5% among the lifetime records of senators currently serving." So, not too hot. When Politico raised the issue of the Senator's absenteeism last February, a Rubio spokesperson shotgunned out the following statement, which somehow manages to cram a lot between two quote marks: 

“He is one of the only senators with young children who has not moved his family to D.C., and tries to spend as much time in Florida with them as possible,” Rubio spokesman Alex Conant told POLITICO. “In addition to his parental responsibilities, in recent years he’s also had to return to Florida and miss votes due to his mother’s health and civic responsibilities like jury duty.”

If anyone drops his voting attendance on the campaign trail, Rubio does have one sure-fire response: he can just flip the script on Ted Cruz. Rubio's fellow right wing congressional candidate who is looking to lock up on the GOP nomination has an even worse record of showing up for his (tax-payer funded) day job. Cruz missed 10.8 percent of his possible roll call votes between January 2013 and June 2015 — 93 out of a possible 93 out of 861. 

Well, there is one other person Rubio could point too with a worse Congressional track record: Senator Barack Obama. 

During the president's time in the legislative branch, Obama missed 24.2 percent of the possible roll call votes. Between 2005 and October 2008, that was 314 out of a total 1,300 votes. Again, keep in mind he was running full steam for the White House at the end of that stretch of time.

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