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Rubio Says He Hasn't Paid Attention to Any Impeachment Hearings

Rubio's response to the impeachment inquiry has been one of the weirder ones.
Rubio's response to the impeachment inquiry has been one of the weirder ones. Photo by Gage Skidmore / Flickr
Leave it to Marco Rubio to find the single laziest way to signal he doesn't care about impeaching the president. Today the U.S. House will hold a historic vote over whether to impeach Donald Trump over allegations he tried to bribe Ukrainian officials to dig up dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden's family. Despite the fact that the story has been atop the news for months and has ground Washington to a halt, Rubio today was filmed saying he paid attention to pretty much none of it.

Travis Akers, a liberal activist with the group Common Defense, cornered the senator from Florida in an elevator today and asked if the House had uncovered enough evidence to impeach Trump.

"I don't even watch it," Rubio responded. Akers seemed flabbergasted.

"You don't pay attention to the facts as they come out?" Akers asked.

"No, because we will have a trial, and all we'll do is sit in the Senate for six weeks potentially and do nothing but hear the facts," Rubio responded.

"So as a senator on the Senate Intelligence Committee, you don't pay attention to the facts?" Akers asked.

"I mean, I read the headlines," Rubio said.

"And the materials?"

"No, not yet."

The exchange is quite something and does nothing to dispel the persistent rumors that Rubio hates his job and wishes he had not gone into politics.
Rubio's response to the impeachment inquiry has been one of the weirder ones, even as other Republicans have compared Trump to Jesus Christ or claimed, as Rep. Matt Gaetz did today, that Democrats are being "catfished" with bad information.

The House today will all but certainly vote to impeach Trump — and it's pretty darn clear that, no matter what Rubio says today, he'll wind up supporting his former rival, like he always does.
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