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Margeaux Greenwald, 35-Year-Old Recovering Addict, Was Found Dead in Palm Beach Gardens

On Sunday afternoon, Palm Beach Gardens police received a tip that sent them to a wooded area just north of PGA Boulevard. There they reportedly found the dead body of a young woman. Yesterday, law enforcement announced it was 35-year-old Margeaux Greenwald, who was originally from New Jersey but had been living in South Florida for the last 10 years. Police have not released any further info, including the cause of death. But Greenwald's social media presence throws a lot light on who she was.

Greenwald was reportedly a former addict who have been in recovery for some time. Throughout her Facebook page there are repeated mentions of recovery and starting over. She was also very active in working others through similar tough spots; according to WPTV, she worked managing recovery centers, including Stepping Stones in Lake Worth. "I know it was yesterday... Congratulations on 2 years clean!!!," a friend wrote on Greenwald's wall in February 2013. "Thanx guys. lovvvvv u," she responded. "U can have fun clubbing clean......yeah!!!," she proclaimed in September 2012.

Most of the outpouring and condolences posted on Greenwald's Facebook page over the last day or so come from members of the recovery community, which has a very big footprint in Palm Beach County. When you read these comments, they color the whole incident in a particularly tragic hue -- Greenwald obviously had fought off her own issues and helped others do the same, only to be taken away in such a lurid fashion.

On of Greenwald's last posts -- from last February -- seems to be about moving forward from a romantic relationship.

It is unclear whether police suspect foul play in Greenwald's death, if drugs were involved, or any other scenario. Greenwald's father, however, suspects the former. When contacted back in New Jersey by the Palm Beach Post, Larry Greenwald was blunt. "This was absolutely not an overdose," he told the paper. "This was a murder."

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