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Maria Chrysson, So-Called "Beauty Bandit," Allegedly Gave Cosmetic Surgeon Phony ID

The Miami Beach woman known as the "Beauty Bandit" allegedly furnished a false identification to a Fort Lauderdale cosmetic surgeon in hopes of stealing the skin treatment she received last month, according to a news release by the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.

Maria Elizabeth Chrysson is the alleged Beauty Bandit's real name, but investigators say that on July 23, she gave staff at the Shino Bay Cosmetic, Dermatology, & Laser Institute an ID card that listed the name "Laura Owens Cugno."

Whomever she was, she received $3,292.20 worth of cosmetic work. She told staff that she was going to visit an ATM and then return to pay her bill, except she didn't. A week after the woman's visit, a Fort Lauderdale detective showed the staff of Chino Bay photographs, and they allegedly picked out Chrysson. Investigators also believe that surveillance video of the surgeon's office shows Chrysson.

The woman's attorney told the Sun-Sentinel the woman in the video isn't Chrysson, who has two previous cases involving cosmetic physicians.

Cugno is said to have given a statement to FLPD detectives in which she said her ID card was used without her permission.

If we can find out any more about this case, we'll update this post.

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