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Mayor Mara Answers Her Critics

Below is an e-mail from Hollywood Mayor Mara Giulanti responding to her many critics. The mayor was adding her voice to a series of e-mails that began about the Mach eminent domain victory over the city. She was responding, as best as I could tell, to an e-mail from Howard Sher, a long-time critic of the city's payment of millions of dollars in incentives to lobbyist Alan Koslow-backed developers to build in Hollywood. He had written that the city, in all, had already spent or was planning to spend a total of $130 million in incentives to developers. I haven't reported out that number, but here's what Giulanti had to say about it:

From: mgiulianti@hollywoodfl.org To: Bottjohnjack@aol.com; Dogbrown6123@aol.com; HLSCA@aol.com; sherteebal@aol.com; aboynton@bellsouth.net; astieb@bellsouth.net; eloewe@bellsouth.net; pcbrew@bellsouth.net; auclaira@comcast.net; namllov@comcast.net; lb_wilson@earthlink.net; sarnan2@earthlink.net; marialyj@gmail.com; stevwel@gmail.com; twright@herald.com; wdemarzo@herald.com; bob.norman@newtimesbpb.com; lschecter@pobox.com; ijrodriguez@sun-sentinel.com; jholland@sun-sentinel.com; mmayo@sun-sentinel.com; cyn1greene@yahoo.com; ruby38us2470@yahoo.com; trevoraaronson@yahoo.com Cc: annmhollywood@aol.com; civicred28@aol.com; drossi3024@aol.com; imskincaid@aol.com; lemkallop@aol.com; Lenorach@aol.com; LESincorp@aol.com; Marilynvh@aol.com; sshagoury@aol.com; unoshken@aol.com; apessola@bellsouth.net; bunnym8504@bellsouth.net; KGS5413@bellsouth.net; satorisurge@bellsouth.net; shiranie@bellsouth.net; suscelfo@bellsouth.net; peter@boberlaw.com; jlebovich@herald.com; Beam Furr ; cpep54@juno.com; cdeminico@msn.com; dianapitt@yahoo.com Sent: Monday, June 26, 2006 10:05:43 PM Subject: [Fwd: Fwd: [Fwd: Re: [Fwd: Hollywood loses eminent domain fight]]]

Your figures are absurd, obviously made-up. I really do feel sorry for so many of you who have so little to offer but anger and slander. I honestly hope some day you will achieve the happiness and peace that most of our 147,000 other wonderful, hard-working residents have. They wouldn't waste their time poisoning the atmosphere; they are too busy leading productive, loving, caring lives.

Mara Giulianti, Mayor CITY OF HOLLYWOOD 954.921.3321 mgiulianti@hollywoodfl.org

Yes, yes. So listen to the mayor and keep your uncomfortable views to yourself. Don't "poison the atmosphere" with civic action and political discourse. Be a happy, peaceful, loving, wonderful, productive, hard-working, caring drone, er, I mean, resident like everyone else. The good people of Hollywood work so hard they don't have time to pay attention to anything at all. And then, at night, they sleep well in their pods, er, I mean, beds. So please, stop thinking altogether, er, I mean go achieve peace and happiness. Mara and the leaders of the evil alien army -- er, I mean lobbyists and developers -- will handle the city.

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