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Miss Stonewall 2013 Attacked by Group of Strippers at Fort Lauderdale Gay Club, Video Claims

A pack of angry gay strippers ain't nothing to mess around with. That's the takeaway from the story Miss Stonewall 2013 is telling right now. The woman handed top honors at this year's Stonewall Summer Pride event in Wilton Manors says she was just trying to enjoy a night out with friends at gay strip club when she was assaulted by staff.

Mia Patrick claims she was confronted by dancers in the parking lot of Johnny's in Fort Lauderdale around 2 o'clock last Wednesday morning. Now a video about the ugly situation made by one of Patrick's friends -- Madison Norris -- is making the rounds online.

Check out the video below.

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"We paid $300 to sit at your establishment and be harassed by your dancers, disrespected by your management, ambushed outside by my vehicle," Norris says in the clip. "It was ultimately savagery being at your establishment and dealing with your employees."

She adds: "On top of that, your security personnel forced my party and I into our cars at gunpoint."

Yesterday New Times spoke with Patrick about the incident. She confirmed the basics of the video, adding that the incident started inside the club when she exchanged some heated words with two dancers at the club. Later, when she was leaving with her party, she claims the dancers were waiting in the parking lot. "There were punches thrown, and they actually pulled the hair off my head," Patrick says.

Patrick claims a security guy pulled a gun -- Taser or handgun, the women weren't sure -- and told Patrick and her friends to "get the f in the car" and leave. Later in the week, Patrick and Norris tried to get in touch with the club management about what happened. No one called them back. (Patrick admits she'd been drinking but says she was "not intoxicated enough where I would be unruly").

"I feel like if I was an older gay white male, it would have been different," Patrick says. "I'm just this up-and-comer performer. Obviously they didn't care enough to reach out to us to see what happened."

This is one side of the story, and New Times called Johnny's on Sunday for comment. We spoke to an employee about the allegations, but he said he hadn't heard about the incident but would ask around and get back to us.

When we didn't hear anything hours later, we called back. A different employee said someone else would call us back when they got to the club. The call never came. If the club management does respond, we'll post the updates here.

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