More On Sentinel Layoffs; Oglesby Retires From Herald

Mostly as a comment cleaner, I'm starting this new post. So far the news from the Sun-Sentinel has been a bit less awful than anticipated. There are less than ten confirmed layoffs and they don't seem to have come very heavily in the area that everyone seemed to expect (copy editors and page designers). Here's the list-in-progress, compiled mostly from the posts below:  

-- Deputy Managing Editor Pat Thompson

-- Design Director Paul Wallen

-- Broward Assistant City Editor David Cazares

-- Copy Editor (and former community news editor) Freida Frisaro

-- Copy Editor (and former radio reporter) Rick Stone

-- Palm Beach Columnist Ralph De La Cruz

-- Palm Beach Web Editor Howard Goodman

-- City Link Art Director Michael Hall

There are others whose loss remains unconfirmed. Hopefully the bloodletting is over, but will update as necessary.   

In other news, the South Florida Times reports that Miami Herald Editorial Page Editor Joe Oglesby, the highest-ranking black journalist at the newspaper, is retiring at the end of May.

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