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Morning Juice: Bonnie Bears Down on Bahamas; State Tests Come Up Empty in The Acreage

Broward and Palm Beach news for this Thursday morning:

  • Tropical Storm Bonnie is blooming over the Bahamas this morning. Storm advisories are expected around 11. [Palm Beach Post]
  • The wife of attorney Stuart Rosenfeldt gave a deposition Wednesday in which she said her husband didn't launder money for Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein, though she admitted that she was happy to be kept in the dark as to the source of her husband's sudden wealth. [Sun-Sentinel]
  • As Broward County School District officials try to close a $130 million budget gap, the Broward Teachers Union is resisting furloughs, even as the district's non-classroom employees accept them as being better than layoffs. [Miami Herald]

  • As always, beware of Craigslist con artists. A new breed lures prospective renters looking for a bargain-basement lease at the same time as homeowners are desperate to pay their mortgages.   [Sun-Sentinel]
  • Tests on the soil in the Acreage offer no more clues as to the cause of the cancer cluster in that suburban community. [Palm Beach Post]

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Thomas Francis