Morning Juice: Fatal Shooting in Boynton Beach; Rothstein's Conspicuous Consumption

The news in Broward and Palm Beach this Tuesday morning:

  • A double shooting late last night in Boynton Beach where one man is dead and another is in critical condition. It appears the shooting occurred on the road and that the dead man -- who hasn't been identified -- was driving a gold Lincoln Navigator. [WPTV-5]
  • In prison, Ronald Samuels, the former owner of a car dealership who was convicted of plotting the murder of his wife in 1997, was recruiting investors for his quadriplegic wife's life insurance policy. [Palm Beach Post]
  • The Broward County School District is likely to apply for inclusion in the federal government's Race to the Top competition, despite the resistance of its teachers union, which fears that they'll be under even more pressure to teach to the test, as FCAT scores are a factor in awarding winners. [Miami Herald]
  • Wow! Rothstein had over 20 million American Express bonus points, and considering that you get a point for every dollar you charge, well, he was a charge card company's dream. Shame he couldn't cash in those points for a private jet or a tote bag, or whatever. [Sun-Sentinel]

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