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Morning Juice: Pills Can't Cure Boca, New Kids on the Block Hits Lauderdale Poop Deck

Boca Pills Can't Cure What Ails Most of Us

Boca Raton-based South Florida Nutrition is getting into some deep shit for promising that its acai berry supplements are pretty much a magic cure-all. The company's website promises the pills promote sound sleep, improve digestion, fights cancerous cells, create peace in Gaza, and teach you the secrets of the pyramids. The Better Business Bureau is warning customers against buying crap from South Florida Nutrition, because, apparently, the pills don't cure stupid.

After the jump, other people who are stupid, including New Kids on the Block.

New Kids Hit the Poop Deck

New Kids on the Block will perform on a cruise ship heading out of Fort Lauderdale for the Bahamas. And while us New Kids fans might fear that this is a step back for the recently reunited BEST BAND ON THE PLANET, Joey tells that everything's cool:

"We're gonna perform on a ship, on a cruise. John Mayer has done these things before, our manager tells us this is not a cheesy thing. It's not a step back."

Thank you, Joey, for reassuring me. Because you know something is super cool when it has been done by John Mayer.

Schools Ask for Prank Texts

Broward County schools are asking for students to start texting them to report dangerous people or situations. School officials say those who send the text messages will be given anonymity and will not be singled out as snitches. If that's true, Broward County schools should prepare to get inundated with the text message equivalent of pulling the fire alarm. Kids, get your thumbs ready.

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