Morning Juice: Salesman Guilty on Felony Counts; Seminoles Get Exclusive Gambling Deal

​Here's the news this morning from Broward and Palm Beach:

  • After four hours of deliberation a jury found former Miramar Commissioner Fitzroy Salesman guilty on four felony counts of bribery and extortion. He faces up to 60 years in prison but will likely be sentenced to five to seven. These felony counts were delivered after his defense attorneys boasted they would "walk" their client. [Daily Pulp]
  • Another jury decided to spare the life of a man that was convicted of first-degree murder after the death of a bystander during the robbery of the Three Amigos convenience store in Boynton Beach. They unanimously voted that Luis Alfonso Reyes Castillo spend his life in prison instead of facing lethal injection. [Palm Beach Post]

  • A Coral Springs man wasn't sincere enough to avoid the law. Grieving husband All Munawar Toha was arrested for the murder of his wife who had gone missing March 23. He pleaded with the community to help bring her home, but that wasn't enough to sway police from their investigation in which they found video footage of Toha driving his car into a lake -- with his wife's body inside. [Miami Herald]
  • Gamblers get ready: The Seminole Tribe reached an agreement with Gov. Charlie Crist yesterday. The $1 billion deal legalizes blackjack in Florida, guarantees the tribe a five-year franchise to operate blackjack tables, and gives them exclusive rights to operate Vegas-style slot machines north of Broward. The Hard Rock facility in Hollywood will be affected by these new changes. [Sun-Sentinel]

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