Neil Combee, Florida State Rep, Suggests White House Was Behind Syrian Chemical Attack

Look, it's always funny to see some backwoods Florida legislator publicly torch his or her credibility with an off-handed, unscripted remark. But then there are comments that are just whack, James Tracy-ish bullsh*t. State Rep Neil Combee stepped up to the plate and delivered the latter on Twitter yesterday

The Polk City Republican tweeted out an article yesterday suggesting the White House may have been involved with the Syrian chemical weapons attacks that have killed almost 1,500 people. Classy.

The article Combee links to is a long one from the Centre for Research on Globalization, a Canadian "think tank" and "major news source on the New World Order and Washington's 'war on terrorism.'" (Oh, and also a platform that publishes noted crankologist and master of sensationalized self-promotion James Tracy). The argument here makes some pretty large leaps of logic about how U.S.-backed rebel groups in Syria were ramping up their attack efforts because they had a tip-off the U.S. would soon get involved. You can check out the details for yourself.

But let's all keep in mind that a public official who buys his groceries with our tax money is hunting through Canadian New World Order conspiracy sites for the real skinny on the Obama administration.

Luckily, Combee didn't get away with this shit for long. Fellow Florida Rep Alan Williams blasted back at Combee, and the two fenced a little over the issue. Combee got a little snippy about the whole thing.

Malarky is one word for comments like this. We can think of a bunch of others.

Speaking of Tracy, South Florida's favorite crank: He's also got some questions about the Syrian chemical attacks.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.