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New Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony Fires Former BSO Boss' Political Cronies

Fired Sheriff Scott Israel and interim Sheriff Gregory Tony (inset)
Fired Sheriff Scott Israel and interim Sheriff Gregory Tony (inset) Courtesy of BSO
New Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony has officially begun the process of turning former Sheriff Scott Israel's many controversial political hires into political fires.

Tony continued to clean house at BSO today, when he took aim at two of former Sheriff Scott Israel's political cronies who'd been given high-level agency jobs.

Tony fired Lisa Castillo, Israel's chief of staff, as well as Wally Eccleston, the former sheriff's so-called community affairs manager, according to multiple BSO sources. Both were escorted from the building today.

Castillo was a fixture at Israel's side and wielded great influence with the ex-sheriff despite the fact she was a former lobbyist's assistant and had no law enforcement experience.

She and her husband, Pembroke Pines Commissioner Angelo Castillo, were early political supporters of Israel's and were both hired right after his election in 2012. Between the two, they were earning about $250,000 per year. Angelo Castillo, for now, is still believed to be in BSO's employ.

Eccleston, too, was devoid of law enforcement experience when Israel hired him first as a purchasing agent. Eccleston was then made the agency's community affairs manager with a salary of roughly $80,000 per year. His lone qualification seemed to be that he was the husband of Israel's campaign manager, Amy Rose.

Israel had even attempted to put Rose on the public payroll, but that was stopped when it was learned that she had lingering legal problems in Tallahassee.

Though the firings today are a start, numerous other Israel political hires still remain in BSO's employ, including Angelo Castillo and Israel's former political strategist, Ron Gunzburger, whom the former sheriff made BSO general counsel at a salary of more than $200,000 per year. More personnel moves are expected in the very near future, sources say.
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