New Florida Senate Ad: Vote for George LeMieux Because at Least He Lives in Florida

Republican Senate candidate George LeMieux released a sequel to his "Two and a Half Macks" campaign ad against primary opponent, Connie Mack, yesterday. While the first ad's thesis was essentially "Connie Mack is a doofus," this one takes a more specific route -- the Lemieux campaign says Mack doesn't live in Florida.

The ad points to a terrifically awkward interview with Mack done on the edge of a couch, in which he says he was in California "maybe 11 days" last year; the ad says probably not.

The ad cites a Tampa Tribune article questioning why both Mack and his wife (California Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack) get homestead exemptions for their homes in Florida and California, and it includes the revelation that Colorado property records list Mack as a resident of California, though it looks to be for technical reasons.

The LeMieux folks also point out accusations leveled during Mack's 2006 divorce proceedings by his ex-wife, who said Mack's Florida condo was just a "small political stake in the sand" where the two spent "very little time" because it was bought "solely to assist his political career." That really happened, but it was six years ago, and he's since gone and married a woman who still lives in California, so who knows where he's going when he's not in Washington?

Which is why they called for Mack to release his travel records:

"Since Mack offered on multiple occasions the specific number of days he spent in California last year, he should be able to do the same for Florida," said LeMieux Campaign Manager Brian Seitchik, in a release. "Mack owes it to the citizens to share his calendar and ask the Committee on House Administration to release his travel vouchers."

Haven't heard anything yet, but my money's on "no chance."

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