New Video From Meg McLain's Fort Lauderdale Airport Security Incident

The TSA just released video of the recent full-body scanner incident from the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. (See above and, from different angle, below.)

There's no sound, but you can see Meg McLain enter the video at about the 1:10 mark. Then she's off-camera (except for her frantic hands). You can see several agents talking with her. Most of the agents seem calm and respectful, but one female agent is visibly annoyed by the discussion -- you can see the agent seething with anger after less than a minute. (Then check out the expression as she stomps off for a moment at the 4:15 mark.)

McLain sits, uncuffed, crying by herself in a chair for a few minutes, and another agent even brings paper towels to dry her tears. The angry agent comes back around the 8:00 mark, and you can see her holding McLain's boarding pass while on a cell phone. Several agents come by and talk with McLain. By the end of the video, the angry agent is still holding the intact boarding pass.

This is the video from a different camera. Though farther from the action, you get a better sense of how many officers were actually on the scene (at one point, there are at least eight) and what a commotion the incident was. You can also see the angry agent getting directly in McLain's face before they start walking toward the door.

In the end, there were no handcuffs and no visible ticket tearing. But there also doesn't appear to be much in these videos making anyone safer either.

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