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Osama Bin Laden Is Dead: The Full Story in Links

​-- U.S. forces shot bin Laden in the head during a raid at his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. One of the al Qaeda leader's sons was also killed, as were two other men and a woman being used as a human shield, according to reports.

-- The terrorist mastermind was identified by "facial recognition" and quickly buried at sea

-- Remember when Bush said bin Laden was wanted dead or alive? Well, we really apparently wanted him just dead. The successful mission that brought what might be called instant justice was a "kill operation" all the way, according to Reuters.

-- The New York Times was ready with a quick 5,000-word obituary

More inside, including just-posted video of the inside of the ratty-looking -- and now bloody -- compound where bin Laden was killed. 

Here's video just posted by ABC News of the inside of the compound after the raid: 

The compound was actually owned by one of bin Laden's trusted couriers and the courier's brother. From Time.com

After 9/11 the CIA chased several leads about bin Laden's inner circle, paying particular attention to his couriers. According to the National Journal, one courier's pseudonym was repeatedly mentioned by those detained by the U.S. He was said to be one of bin Laden's most trusted, a protégé of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and trusted assistant to Abu Faraj al Libbi, al-Qaida's third highest-ranking official before his capture in 2005. While at first they had no luck figuring out his true identity, the BBC reports four years ago they caught a break. They figured out his true identity and two years later, they found the rough location where the courier and his brother lived in Pakistan.

According to a report by the Guardian, once on the ground, the Americans realized the mansion was not a normal residence. Valued at around $1 million, it had no phone or Internet connection, and the 12-18 foot high walls were topped with barbed wire. Access was severely restricted and the main structure was three stories high but had no windows. What was also suspicious was that the brothers had no known source of income, and there was another family living with them -- a family whose description matched that of bin Laden's. 

In September 2010, the Guardian reported the CIA presented President Obama with their findings, showing bin Laden could be hiding in the compound in northwest Pakistan. By February the CIA were confident it was indeed the place, and the President convened 5-9 (depending on if you talk to the Guardian or the National Journal) National Security Council meetings to discuss the matter. On the last of these on April 29th, 2011, the president gave the go-ahead.

More coming. 

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