Outlaw Octogenarians: Florida's Oldest Arrestees

Welcome to this week's post of the Broward-Palm Beach edition of Mug-Shot Friday, a longstanding franchise focusing on the week's most eye-catching mug shots from South Florida's tat heads, tough guys, and femmes fatale. Check out Miami New Times' Riptide blog for the Miami-Dade edition.

A special edition of Mug-Shot Friday this week: We're focusing on the old folks arrested in Florida over the past year or so who are at least 80 years old. All old folks are innocent until proven dead.

Arrested: 7/9/12
Age: 81
Charges: Trespassing, animal cruelty
Really, really curious what these charges are for. Also, his name is "Hume."

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Arrested: 7/7/12
Age: 92
Charges: Battery on a person 65 or older
He's got that killer look in his eyes. Like he'll grab his walker any second and just BAM

Arrested: 4/11/11
Age: 88
Charges: Discharging a firearm in public
Everything you need to know about Florida, in one arrest.

Arrested: 11/17/11
Age: 83
Charged with: Resisting an officer
My heavens, I hope that poor defenseless police officer is OK! (Also: We don't usually use names, to avoid ruining anyone's life in Google searches. But this guy's name is "Oscar Meyer," so it's probably OK to point it out.)

Arrested: 5/31/12
Age: 87
Charged with: Failure to appear
Failure to appear? That must mean he was charged with something else...

Arrested: 4/17/12
Age: 87
Charged with: Knowingly driving with a suspended license
AHHH! That look was really intimidating in the '40s.

Arrested: 9/26/11
Age: 96
Charged with: HOMICIDE.
We actually wrote about this last year -- she was accused of murdering her nephew. 96!

Arrested: 10/13/11
Age: 80
Charged with: Battery on a police officer or firefighter
Cop probably wouldn't get off his lawn.

Arrested: 7/26/12
Age: 81
Charged with: Larceny

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