Pain & Gain Star The Rock Lives in Broward County: Eight "Celebrities" Who Could Be Your Neighbors

Miami, Florida and Hollywood, California are known for the best places to spot celebrities. Oohh there's Jon Hamm. Ooh look, George Clooney! Pfft. Whatever. We all know the sexiest place on the planet is Broward friggin County.

Know who else knows that?

The Rock. He lives there. Other celebrities sort of live there too. And, if you're lucky, not only will you spot one, you might even live next door to one.

Here are 8 "celebrities" that live in BroCo:

The Rock
In March of last year, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson bought a 13,670-square-foot home on 2.2 acres in Landmark Ranch Estates from former Miami Dolphin tackle Vernon Carey. Why Southwest Ranches? Who knows. But apparently playing the Tooth Fairy and pretty much the same character in several mediocre-to-terrible movies pays richly (but he can arch an eyebrow!). The Rock had previously sold some property in Broward in the past, but then came back because he probably can't resist all the "Hey honey, The Rock is barbecuing in his yard, AND I THINK I CAN SMELL WHAT HE'S COOKING!" jokes from his neighbors.

Ryan Tannehill
If you Google 'Ryan Tannehill,' a large picture of his wife Lauren's face shows up next to tiny pictures of him. The Dolphins quarterback is still trying to play in Dan Marino's shadow, let alone his own wife's. That is so Dolphins. Not long after signing his rookie contract, the Tannehills bought themselves a two-bedroom crib and a boat slip at the Portside Yacht Club for $785,000. So the hopeful future franchise quarterback for the Miami Dolphins just might be your neighbor. So please stop gawking at his wife when you spot them at Publix. Or at least acknowledge that you know who he is too.

Rick Ross
We're not exactly sure where exactly in Fort Lauderdale The Bawse lives. Some say Long Lake Ranches (and by "some," we mean wiki answers). Still, the rapper's been spotted there many times. He was also shot there, so there's that.

Judge Judy (Well, Judge Judy's Yacht, To Be Accurate)
Remember Judge Judy? We do. And we don't know if she's still on TV (not since we got a job, anyway), and while we don't know if she's an actual judge, we do know she made a shitload of cash yelling at people when they sued each other. Enough to where she can afford a yacht called "Triumphant Lady," because of course it's called that. Judy apparently lives in Connecticut, but she obviously plays in Ft. Lauderdale. Her $16 million, 150-foot boat has been spotted in Ft. Lauderdale waters many a time. She also has been seen wearing a white bikini and now you can't ever unsee that.

Lindsay Lohan's Dad
He once shared a room with Dennis Rodman in Ft. Lauderdale. Ok. Yea, we know. Sorry.

Slim Williams
Rap mogul and co-founder of Cash Money Records, Slim Williams owns the biggest house in Weston. it's a 34,000 square foot, 9 bedroom, 12 bath, 6,000 square foot "multi-purpose room", wine room, movie theater, indoor and outdoor pools, grotto, indoor tennis court behemoth in Windmill Ranch. Being the guy responsible for introducing the world to Lil Wayne pays off in buckets and buckets of money, apparently.

Misty May-Treanor
Misty May is, of course, famous for being a badass gold medal winning volleyball player, along with her equally badass playing partner, Kerri Walsh. She's also married to former Florida Marlins catcher Matt Treanor. She's a mom now. She won a bunch of medals. George W. Bush once touched her butt.

Yngwie Malmsteen
True story: We once spotted Yngwie Malmsteen in a Ft. Lauderdale Walgreens in the toothbrush aisle. Actually, someone spotted a bloated, long haired dude with shades on and pointed out to us that it was Yngwie Malmsteen. So we walked up to him and asked him if he was, indeed, Yngwie Malmsteen. He mumbled something that sounded like, "Yeahar...rubblergrgle," stuck out his hand and shook ours. He then waddled away without having purchased a toothbrush. We feel kind of responsible for ruining his visit to the Walgreens.

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