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Palm Beach Is Flooded, and There's More Rain on the Way

Palm Beach residents went to bed Sunday night thinking everything was hunky dory. Then they woke up Monday to find rainwater up to their faces.

Isaac came and went, but not without dumping buckets of rain and leaving widespread flooding that has left Palm Beach with inundated roads, school closings for two straight days, and some stranded in their homes.

And even though Isaac has gone off to the Gulf Coast, more rain and lightning is on its way.


With more rain on the horizon, officials are working hard to drain the streets and prepare for another downpour. 

Drivers are being warned to drive with caution, since roadways, streets, and sidewalks are so flooded, it's hard to tell where the road ends and the not-road-places begin. You could be on your way to work and, boom, your car is suddenly inside the lobby of a La Quinta Inn.

Among the hardest-hit spots were Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, and the Acreage, where everything is pretty much a swamp now. Wellington is using emergency pumps to funnel water into conservation areas.

Central and western Palm Beach County got jacked up with more than 14 inches of rain from Isaac.

Emergency officials are planning to use trucks and boats to rescue residents stranded in their homes.

All schools and parks remain closed. Tri-Rail is operating.

Meanwhile, Pulp reader Jessica sent us this photo:

Be safe out there, kids.

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