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Palm Beach Post Editorial Page Editor Takes Voluntary Buyout, According to Report

The Palm Beach Post's Editorial Page Editor, Randy Schultz, who has been with the paper for 37 years, has agreed to take a buyout, according to a Gossip Extra report.

Last week it was reported that that the Palm Beach Post had offered buyouts to 55-and-older staffers, in cost-cutting move.

The deadline to accept those buyout offers was reportedly last Friday, but Schultz was given the weekend to think it over.

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Gossip Extra says the buyout is a two-weeks-severance-per-year-of-service package, and that Schultz told Publisher Tim Burke on Monday that he was taking the package.

After moving from varying positions at the Post, Schultz was named the paper's editorial page boss in 1990.

The company that owns the Palm Beach Post, Cox Enterprises, was hoping for 35 employees to take the voluntary buyout packages, says Gossip Extra's Jose Lambiet.

Lambiet, who was once a columnist for the Post, says that other long-term, 55-and-older, employees agreed to the buyouts:

Jac Wilder VerSteeg, another editorial page writer and a 26-year veteran of local political coverage, agreed to the buyout as did book and classical music reviewer Scott Eyman, a writer who specializes in the golden age of cinema. Longtime outdoors and political reporter Willie Howard also accepted.

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