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Pants Save Man From Gator: A Tale From the Brotherhood of the Sagging Pants

Criminal! Dropout! Maverick of personal style! What do your baggy pants say about you? Survivor?! (Maybe... read on.)

State lawmakers have been on a tirade against baggy pants for well over a year, but one St. Petersburg teen says if his pants weren't so baggy, he may have lost his leg to an alligator. When 17-year-old Kendrick Williams was walking home from work, a hiss caught his attention, and when he looked down, he saw a six- to seven-foot gator. Before he could run away, the agitated reptile took a bite of his leg but ended up only ripping holes in his baggy pants, according to ABC Action News.

"That was the advantage of wearing baggy pants that day," the teen's mom, Tanita Murray, told ABC. "It's dangerous. If a toddler had been standing there, it [the alligator] would have bit his neck or head."

Several months ago, when we brought you a tale from the newly coined "Brotherhood of the Sagging Pants," it involved a young man who was banned from the Wellington Green Mall because of his loose slacks and was subsequently arrested for returning to the mall. His family protested his arrest (quite vocally), and they were arrested as well. Charges were dropped, and a lawsuit from the family ensued.

Then we directed your attention to the saggy pants robber, who upheld the baggy pants stereotype, robbing convenience stores in recognizably sagging trousers. Police shot him in the rear to stop him from fleeing arrest.

Now finally, the gator-rescue pants balance the coverage of the baggy pants issue, the wardrobe craze that has been consistently captivating Florida news readers.

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