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Patricia Montes Sentenced for Participation in Rape and Beating of Friend After Reaching Plea Deal

On November 1, 2013, Patricia Montes, then 15, and her friend, then-16-year-old Erica Avery, invited an estranged friend over to a home in Hollywood. There, they allegedly stripped her, beat her, and held her down as she was raped by a 19-year-old man.

On Monday, Montes, now 17, was sentenced to four years in prison as a youthful offender and two years of probation after pleading no contest to two counts of armed sexual battery and two counts of kidnapping. 

Along with Montes and Avery, authorities arrested three teenaged males: Dwayne Henry, Lanel Singleton, and Jayvon Woolfork. Avery is facing charges similar to Montes. Henry, Singleton, and Woolfork are facing capital felony sexual assault and kidnapping charges. 

New Times chronicled the heinous crime in a feature story in March of last year.

According to the arrest report, the victim, Jessica, was watching television when she was suddenly grabbed by Montes and Avery. The two girls pinned the victim down and kicked her in the head.

They then taunted her and threatened to keep beating her up unless she agreed to have sex with Woolfork.

When the victim refused, the two girls, along with Woolfork, Henry, and Singleton, beat her, dragged her by the hair into a bedroom, and ripped her clothes off.

From our story:
"You're a pussy!" one of the blond girls shrieked, slamming both fists into [the victim's] head. The surprised girl raised her arms to protect her face. "You're an asshole!" the blonds yelled. "You're a ho, and you're not leaving until you fuck Jayvon! Suck his dick, bitch!" 

The girls grabbed [the vicim] and dragged her limp 75-pound form out the back door and down several concrete steps, where they continued to pummel her. Grabbing hold of [the victim's] hair, they smashed her head into concrete. One of the boys asked what was happening, and another answered, "They don't like this girl, bro."

That's when Woolfork raped her, according to the arrest report. The group apparently caught the whole act on a cell-phone video.

The teens eventually allowed the victim to leave the house, without her shoes. She wandered through the streets barefoot, bloodied, and beaten. She eventually flagged down a passerby, who took her to a relative's home.

The victim was later taken to Hollywood Memorial Hospital, where she was treated for broken bones in her face. She also suffered swollen eyes to the point that she couldn't see. She remained in the hospital for several days.

Broward Circuit Judge Lisa Porter called the video disturbing at the time of the hearing. On Monday, Porter sentenced Montes after the girl reached a plea deal with prosecutors.
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