Plane Crash Near Fort Lauderdale Airport UPDATED

A Navajo light twin engine plane went down near the Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport and has reportedly crashed into some cars.

Thirty-foot flames and rising black smoke from the wreckage can be seen from blocks away.

The plane reportedly went down into the southwest portion of the UK Stone Warehouse at 964 NW 53rd St. in Ft. Lauderdale.

Fire fighters are on the scene extinguishing the blaze.

It's unknown how many people were on the plane, or if there was anyone on the ground at the scene of the crash.

Update 1: There are reports of three people on the plane, but none survived. The plane reportedly called in some mechanical problems before trying to return to the airport.

Update 2: The flight was reportedly a leisure flight before it made a sharp cut to the right, and twisted down towards the ground shortly before 4:30 Friday afternoon.

According to Fire Rescue, there are no reports of anyone being on the ground at the time of the crash.

Video of fire fighters putting out flames from charred parked cars at the scene of the crash was posted by @einfal:

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